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  • 01 August,22

Best Medium Shields in Elden Ring

Medium shields in Elden Ring offer a great balance between defense stats and relatively low weight. So, you can use them if you want to use heavy melee weapons but don?t want to become too heavy overall. Carrying a heavy load means you?ll struggle to roll quickly, reduce dodge distance, and increase the roll recovery time?you may also not be able to roll at all if you?re at maximum weight capacity. So, if you?re looking to create a build with a medium shield, this article will help with that, as it lists down some of the best medium shields in Elden Ring and provides descriptions of each one. This way, you can choose the shield that will suit your build and playing style the best.

List of the Best Medium Shields in Elden Ring

Like all of their other games, developer FromSoftware?s Elden Ring is an incredibly challenging game. So, being meticulous with your gear choices can significantly improve your ability to progress through the quests and beat some of the hardest bosses in the game. So, here?s a list of some of the best medium shields in Elden Ring.
  • Brass Shield
  • Banished Knight?s Shield
  • Carian Knight?s Shield
  • Inverted Hawk Heater
  • Great Turtle Shield
  • Brass Shield

    The Brass Shield is not just the best medium shield but easily one of the best shields in the entire game. It is a little on the heavy side (with 7.0 points), but its ability to 100% block physical damage and excellent resistance to holy, magic, and fire damage make it a top-tier shield. You can also equip this shield with Ashes of War for better effect. Farm generic soldiers in every main region, and pick it up from one of the soldiers after they drop it.

    Banished Knight?s Shield

    The Banished Knight?s Shield is the second-best option, with 100% physical damage protection, resistance to elemental damage, and a high guard boost statistic. You can loot this shield from a Banished Knight.

    Carian Knight?s Shield

    This shield is ideal for players making a build for their mage character, and it offers amazing resistance to holy and magic damage. You can also have this shield offer excellent guard boost after upgrading it, taking it up to 60 points. Kill the Carian Knight Moongrum in the northeastern part of the Raya Lucaria Academy to acquire this shield.

    Inverted Hawk Heater

    This shield is also a good option for mage characters. However, it?s best for new players, as you can use it in any class. A corpse with the shield is present on a hill east of the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace.

    Great Turtle Shield

    The Great Turtle Shield may not be the best in terms of protection (with just 87% physical damage protection and barely any against elemental damage. However, it regenerates your character?s stamina quickly.

    Final Words

    These five may be the best medium shields in Elden Ring, but there are many different types of shields you can find with a bit of exploration.