• By ApexArcade
  • 30 July,22


In just 6 months, Gaming Platforms have flooded the industry with an ample supply of Major-League Video Games. This year has seen over 100 game releases so far and there?s still so much more for the Players to look forward to. Unfortunately, despite the massive number of updates, a lot of gamers are still hooked on Old video games, some of which have been in existence for over 10 years. It?s so bad that even Elden Ring, the best-seller of all the games released in 2022, doesn?t even come close to these games in terms of popularity. Having done our research and consulted Authentic Sources for the numbers, in this article, we bring you the Current 5 Most Popular Games in the World.


Ranked the fifth best-selling game of all time, PUBG is a shooting game that was developed by PUBG Studios. After having ranked the best game on XBOX and PC, this game has had over one billion downloads on mobile alone. Also known as Players Unknown Battleground, it remains one of the best shooting games. The idea behind this game allows for up to a hundred fighters to parachute down on an island and fight to the death. There are weapons and upgrades scattered all over the island and players are forced to find all means to survive as the last on the land. To make it more interesting, the areas on the island shrink after a while.

2. Crossfire

Developed as an online one-shooter interactive game in Korea, it allows over one billion active gamers to try to outdo each other. There exist two major mercenary groups (Blacklist and Global Risk) during gameplay and players are required to join one of the two teams. After being paired up with other players on their team, players must hunt down players on the other team for their team to win. Crossfire was developed in 2007 and has since gone on to become the world?s highest-grossing game of all time. With a majority of players based in Asia, it ranks as one of the best-selling online games of all time.

3. Dungeon Fighter Online

A ?hack and slash? version multilevel game, Dungeon Fighter remains one of the best-selling online games of all time. Unlike most online games of the new century, DF is developed to be played in 2D rather than 3D. Still, this hasn?t prevented it from becoming one of the highest-grossing games of all time. Players are made to get through various levels by hacking through various monsters in each stage. Several other in-game options can be accessed manually or automatically by players.

4. Minecraft

With over 238 million copies sold, Minecraft remains the best-selling game of all time. Minecraft is a 3D game that allows players to fight computer-generated enemies or other players through different levels with 3D-generated blocky substances representing needed tools through various levels. It also allows gamers to create their virtual worlds with the tools assembled. Players are given the tools and structures needed to make the game more interesting. There are other mechanics put in place to ensure that players get the best out of Minecraft. One of such includes the ability to make anything out of blocks. This unrealistic video game allows users to use several options at their disposal for an infinite amount of gaming time. Simply put, the experience described by gamers has always been surreal.

5. QQ Speed

When it comes to racing games, QQ Speed happens to be one of the best. Also known as GKart, this interactive video game allows players the opportunity to beat other racers using various items available during the race. Originally developed by copying the Nitro Kart franchise, this game allows multiple players the opportunity to beat other racers in an online mode. The most important factor in gameplay is to be able to finish before others. For this reason, players can pick up nitro boosts along the way. Nitro boosts help to increase the speed of a player?s kart significantly. Drifting also helps players to earn nitro boosts besides picking up nitro boost items. Other items help to slow down other opponents as well. In total, QQ Speed is a game for racers who enjoy the thrill that comes with kart racing.


Games continue to evolve over the years in a bid to remain more relevant than others. They also make up for a large percentage of entertainment provided on PC and mobile for people of different ages. Even with the advent of various means of entertainment, there is no doubt that games will always remain popular. Apart from the competitive angle, popular games have helped people to cope with everyday stress. They have also helped some others to make a living by streaming these games for people to watch.